Corporate Policies

Quality Policy

The word “quality” covers more than just the products we sell; it also covers the performance of our people in servicing clients and other associates around the world.

Our antimicrobial products are tested thoroughly to ensure adherence to tight tolerances of composition. We also test the antimicrobial properties of articles treated with our products to ensure performance is delivered as promised.

Ethics Policy

We fully support the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact. Additionally, we recognize that our antimicrobials are used to inhibit the growth of microbial life. As such, we only supply products that are approved for use by regulatory authorities (i.e. – U.S. EPA) in selected end-use consumer and/or industrial products/materials. We always provide our knowledge and technical expertise to determine the best choice of antimicrobial at the optimal level of application for our customers.

Safety Policy

Safety extends beyond our own workplace Health & Safety concerns – to cover the composition of our antimicrobials, their distribution around the world and their application into /onto treated materials.

Our management works with the WH&S Committee to ensure a safe, pleasant, and productive working environment for all staff. The resources are available for the Committee to carry out its functions.

Our logistics team works with suppliers, transportation and warehouse providers, and customers to ensure that our antimicrobial products are manufactured, stored, and delivered in compliance with relevant safety legislation and regulations.

Our sales personnel work closely with distributors and customers to ensure compliance with all aspects of handling and applying our antimicrobials. We do not sell products unless we are comfortable they will be handled and applied properly – and safely – in manufacturing facilities.

Environmental Policy

We recognize the vital importance of a sound and healthy environment. We pledge to:

  • Formulate antimicrobial products that have the least environmental impact possible – while still providing excellent performance and safety standards.
  • Continue the search for new products with better environmental performance and improve the environmental effects profiles of our current products wherever possible.
  • Manufacture our products in facilities that adhere to the principle of minimizing negative environmental effects.
  • Manage our Supply chain and Logistics to reduce wastage in shipping and distribution of our products around the world
  • Minimize our own waste production by reducing, reusing, and recycling in all our operations.