Antimicrobial Applications

Wherever bacteria, mold, and mildew compromise product performance, Ultra-Fresh, and Silpure antimicrobials will take control.

Offering odor control, stain protection, and protection from degradation, our antimicrobial products help manufacturers maintain product quality and extend the life of textiles, plastics, carpets, foams, coatings, and more.

Textiles & Non-Woven Fabrics

From towels to tarpaulins, our antimicrobial products are used in a wide and growing range of textile and non-woven fabric applications. Read More

Plastics, Polymers & Composites

Our antimicrobial products are used in both indoor and outdoor applications that include cutting boards, PVC coated fabrics for awnings and tents, mattress covers, molded parts and more. Read More


Ultra-Fresh antimicrobials are used in a range of consumer and industrial applications that include mattresses, furniture, carpet underlay, automotive parts, sponges and more. Read More

Carpets & Flooring

Our antimicrobial products are used in both carpets and flooring to inhibit the growth of unwanted bacteria, mold and mildew. Read More


Our antimicrobials can be incorporated in coatings applied to textiles or polymers. Read More

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