How We Work with You

Our goal is to provide antimicrobial solutions that exceed expectations by enhancing product freshness, cleanliness, performance, and longevity.

Through excellence in service, science, and support, we work to improve your products and provide the competitive edge you need to succeed in the marketplace.

We work closely with all new customers in the following manner:

  • Prior to the development of your antimicrobial program, our team will evaluate your specific business goals and production capabilities to offer the optimal antimicrobial package for your particular needs.
  • During the development of your antimicrobial program, our team will work on-site with your technical personnel to provide an antimicrobial that fits your needs and manufacturing process.
  • Our labs evaluate your samples to ensure that our antimicrobial treatments continue to meet required standards.

A True Partnership

We strive to build and maintain strong working partnerships with manufacturers, importers, designers, and retailers. We continually develop and test new antimicrobial treatments and as an Ultra-Fresh or Silpure customer, you’ll be the first to benefit from our innovations in antimicrobial technology.

Learn more about using antimicrobial technologies in various applications or, contact us!