Antiviral Treated Articles

Your Trusted Advisor for Antiviral Product Testing and Registration

Antiviral efficacy test methods and results can vary, depending on the treatment application and final end-use product.

We are committed to working with our valued customers to establish best practices for determining antiviral efficacy in treated finished goods and can provide strategic support to navigate the complex global regulatory landscape associated with antiviral claims.

COVID-19 has emphasized the importance of environmental cleanliness and hygiene management – whether that environment is in your home, your workplace, or at your services, entertainment, and healthcare provider locations.

As the trusted leader in antimicrobial technology, Microban International has seen an increased interest from manufacturers in wanting to understand if and how antimicrobial technology can contribute to the fight against SARS CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and other viruses.

Microban International stands ready to serve as your industry partner and offers custom development services for antiviral treated articles and antiviral built-in solutions.

Our Antimicrobial Expertise

We work with our partners to provide antimicrobial product solutions and provide best-in-class sales, marketing, technical, and regulatory support to ensure successful commercialization.

Our expertise in improving product performance and in regulatory guidance is increasingly vital given the interest in viruses brought out by the COVID-19 contagion.

We understand the process and framework for making antiviral claims on treated articles. While our products serve an important role in providing effective antimicrobial benefits and solutions, antiviral claims are not allowed without proven efficacy and proper registration with governing bodies.

We believe in engaging partners interested in pursuing antiviral claims on treated articles in a regulatorily and legally compliant manner and has a 4-step approach to successful commercialization.

Our Approach Ensures:

  1. Testing against relevant viruses, starting with initial rapid screening with appropriate bacteriophage and viral surrogates leading to testing viral species of interest
  2. Consideration of virus behavior on treated articles
  3. Evaluation of results for significant log reduction, and
  4. Proper registration with governing bodies to make antiviral claims in the region of interest

As partners and manufacturers look to smart technologies that improve overall environmental cleanliness as well as deliver antimicrobial and antiviral performance, it is essential that you consider working with Microban International - a trusted advisor with a deep understanding of the global regulatory and legal landscapes.

We Are in this Together

We are prepared to work with you should you have an interest in pursuing antiviral efficacy claims for your treated articles.

We’ve been providing our antimicrobial expertise for 65 years and look forward to helping our customers navigate the regulatory landscape for years to come.

We are well prepared to engage with you on your product performance projects and all other antimicrobial technology needs.

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