Who We Are

Ultra-Fresh® has been providing freshness protection to countless materials and finished goods for over 65 years. After the initial acquisition of Ultra-Fresh in 2016, Microban International is now bringing the Microban® and the Ultra-Fresh brands under one roof - Microban International, Inc. - a powerhouse organization primed to offer our customers high quality, innovative antimicrobial and anti-odor technologies with a robust sales network, outstanding marketing and customer service teams, increased laboratory capacity, and a superior international logistics system.

At Microban International, our purpose is to redefine clean for products and surfaces. Because we understand consumer concerns around cleanliness, our use of science and innovation has led us to develop the most diverse portfolio of antimicrobial, odor control, and continuously active surface disinfection and sanitization technologies in the world. We have a global reach, selling antimicrobial additives in more than 50 countries around the world.

Along with our technologies, our brands are our strength. Microban International is now home to the most trusted and well-known global brands in the antimicrobial and odor control market - Microban and Ultra-Fresh. Collectively, Microban and Ultra-Fresh have experienced over 100 years of growth and have revolutionized the industry.

Together, the Microban and Ultra-Fresh brands are honored to have over a thousand partnerships with leading brands and manufacturers worldwide to protect many thousands of products such as fabrics, polymers, foams, coatings, and more.

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