Beldray, originally Bradley and Co Ltd, has become a household word for quality. The first manufacturer of steel ironing tables in the UK and the inventor of the adjustable ironing board, Beldray now offers a wide range of affordable and durable products for the home, including vacuum cleaners, food prep products, cleaning tools, storage solutions, airers as well as fans, heaters and electric fires. Focusing on easy-to-use products that improve lifestyle, at a great price.

To give their cleaning tools an extra value-added boost, Beldray has incorporated Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial technologies. Often after using cleaning tools, they are left soaking in dirt water or packed away in a cupboard before they are fully dried, resulting in offensive musty odours the next time they are needed. The addition of Ultra-Fresh helps fight the growth of odour-causing bacteria, mold and mildew, keeping their cleaning tools cleaner and smelling fresher as compared to items without an antimicrobial technology.

Ultra-Fresh has also been added to their high-quality bathmats and memory foam mattress toppers to minimize odours and staining that may develop due to the proliferation of microbial growth. These advanced antimicrobial technologies helps to keep their materials cleaner, providing peace of mind comfort in knowing their products will remain fresher and more durable for longer.

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