In conjunction with bedding specialists in Australia with over 70 years of experience, JellyFish has created a superior, high quality mattress that promises countless nights of restful and rejuvenating sleep. Their award-winning mattress is comprised of a dual foam design - a fully body support layer which evenly distributes body weight and a top layer that strikes a delicate balance of gently cradling for comfort while being firm enough to prevent sinking into the bed.

Foam in the Jellyfish mattress is treated with Ultra-Fresh to protect the mattress from the deleterious effects of unwanted mold and mildew growth such as odours, staining and product degradation

To bring lasting hygienic freshness to their sleep products, JellyFish has partnered with Ultra-Fresh. Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial technology is infused directly into the foam during the manufacturing process and provides continuous protection against the deleterious effects of bacteria, mold and mildew such as odours, staining and product degradation. In addition, Ultra-fresh has been proven to reduce dust mite populations in mattress foam which is an enormous relief to those suffering from asthma and allergies (please see regulatory information).

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