With an unwavering commitment to quality, functionality and beautiful design, Primagran is proud to offer their advanced engineered kitchen and bathroom sinks at an affordable price point.

Made from a unique granite and resin blend, Primagran sinks are scratch and stain resistant, and are built to last as evidenced by their impressive 35-year warranty.

Primagran’s dedication to continued innovation lead to a collaboration with Ultra-Fresh to bring lasting hygienic freshness to their premium products.

Through a highly proprietary process, Primagran incorporates Ultra-Fresh silver antimicrobial technology into the granite matrix during the manufacturing process. This ensures the antimicrobial is distributed evenly throughout the sink structure and cannot be washed or scrubbed away.

Primagran kitchen sink white

Primagran sinks with Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial treatment promise lasting protection from bacteria, mould and mildew that lead to unpleasant odours, stains and product degradation.

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