Sea to Summit

Sea to Summit has been creating truly ingenious, well-made outdoor equipment since the early nineties. Today the Sea to Summit brand continues to provide innovative gear and serves a growing band of outdoor enthusiasts all over the world. The company's products include lightweight sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, ultra-compact food storage containers and many other durable camping items necessary to thrive in the wild.

Through extensive testing and sourcing of the highest quality materials to create an array of exceptional products, Sea to Summit has partnered with Ultra-Fresh to help bring long-lasting freshness protection to their sleeping bag liners and inflatable sleep mats.

Sea to Summit sleeping bag mats with Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial protection

Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial technology is built directly into the materials and works continuously to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria. This provides the user with comfort in knowing that in addition to being ultralight and packable, their premium brand items will also remain smelling cleaner and fresher while on the go.

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