St. Croix Collections

Over 50 years ago, Bernhard Brenner came to America as a young, inspired and talented knitting engineer from Europe with a singular vision: “To make the finest sweater that can be made.”

He founded Knitcraft Corporation with the belief that this beautiful country and the strong work ethic of its residents would be key to achieving his vision.

With many years of hard work and determination, the small business which started in his basement transformed into what it is today - a 90,000 square foot modern manufacturing facility, employing 200 highly trained and dedicated craftspeople.

Garments are still manufactured by hand, and are recognized as the finest in the world. Mr. Brenner has become a cornerstone of the men’s luxury sportswear industry and is respected for his knowledge, commitment and integrity.

As part of his continued quest to craft high quality products, the St. Croix Collection now finishes their garments with Silpure antimicrobial technology.

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Silpure works continuously to keep their beautiful knitwear smelling cleaner and fresher by combating the growth of smelly odor-causing bacteria. This means garments require less frequent washing which keeps them looking their best for longer.

In the link below, read their latest blog about why they chose Silpure antimicrobial protection.

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