Vic Hockey

The Victoriaville hockey stick was an exceptional piece of equipment in its day. The high-quality wood blade and tapered shaft were the preferred choice by NHL royalty such as Bobby Orr and Rod Gilbert. Fast forward to today and the nostalgic brand has been given a modern make-over and is now Vic Hockey.

Using the same original principles for building a high quality product, Vic Hockey has expanded to offer additional hockey essentials including protective gear, shorts, base layers and equipment bags. Launching in August 2018, Vic Hockey has partnered with Ultra-Fresh to help control offensive odours in the fabric lining of their hockey equipment.

VIC Hockey pre-treats their equipment with Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial technology to reduce mal-odours

Ultra-Fresh is an innovative antimicrobial technology that is applied to the fabric lining of the equipment during the manufacturing process. This anti-stink technology works by preventing the growth of odour-causing bacteria in the textile material, so the only thing you’ll be leaving behind is the sweet smell of VICtory!

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