Accessible Customer Service Plan for Microban Canada


Microban Canada is a manufacturer and distributor of antimicrobial treatments used in the manufacture of treated articles. The facility in Toronto is home to offices and testing labs.

These products, antimicrobial treatments, are commercial/industrial products and as such are not sold to the general public. Products are supplied in commercial/industrial containers and shipped from warehouse locations around the world. Stock is not available at the Toronto location.


We communicate with commercial/industrial contacts in three principal ways:

  • Direct contact where a company will first contact and then visit our offices
  • Distribution of printed product literature on request and at tradeshows
  • Access to the website

In order to facilitate better accessibility, we plan to make available on our website clear text versions of its printed product literature.


Our business model is to receive orders from commercial/industrial customers by telephone, email and fax. There is no walk-in business. The availability of a company being able to submit its order one of three ways is expected to address all reasonably foreseeable situation that may arise with respect to the usual course of business.


On occasion, and by appointment, representatives of customers or suppliers may visit our office in Toronto. Both the front and rear entrances to the offices are on grade so there are no steps to navigate. The rear doors, by the parking lot, have an automatic door opener while at the front door there is an intercom. The hallways, walkways and doorways where visitors can reasonably be expected to go are wide and unobstructed allowing for use of mobility assistance devices. There are two unisex washrooms of sufficient size to allow for wheelchairs or scooters.

Both service animals and support persons, if required, are welcome to accompany visitors to the Toronto office.

Should there be any issue with accessibility, due to servicing or other causes, this will be communicated prior to a visit, usually when arranging the appointment. If the issue should arise after the appointment has been arranged but before the visit, it is our policy to have contact information for the visitor in order to communicate with the visitor should the need arise.


Customers and suppliers who wish to send feedback on the way that our organization provides goods and services to Ontarians with disabilities can:


Microban will undertake to train those persons within the organization that are likely to interact with customers or suppliers. The training will include Ontario’s accessibility requirements, how to provide accessibility to person with disabilities in a manner that is respectful of the person’s independence, dignity, integration and provides an equality of opportunity.

This training will be provided as new staff is brought in and on a regular basis. The training will be based on information from AccessON as well as feedback from staff, customers and suppliers.