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  • Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial Expertise

    Protect your products from stains, odors, and decay.

  • Silpure Antimicrobials

    Ensure freshness with the power of pure silver.

  • How We Work With You

    Learn about our collaborative process.

  • Antimicrobial Applications

    Learn where Ultra-Fresh and Silpure can be applied.

Used by the world’s leading brands, our Ultra-Fresh and Silpure antimicrobial products control the growth of unwanted microbes in consumer and industrial products. Offering odor control and protection from staining and product degradation, Ultra-Fresh and Silpure antimicrobials offer manufacturers a cost-effective solution for maintaining product quality while extending the life of textiles, plastics, carpets, foams, coatings, and more.

A symbol for lasting freshness and hygiene in textiles and polymers.
Harness the power of natural silver to inhibit microbial growth in textiles and garments.
Leverage our antimicrobial products for use in textiles, plastics, foams, coatings, and more!
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How Antimicrobials Work

Discover how our antimicrobial products inhibit the growth of unwanted microbes.
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